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Cat in the Bag

"Cat in the Bag"

"Cat in the Bag"

Cat drawing

"In Memory of Moki"

"In Memory of Moki"

    A portrait of artist’s kitty, Moki.  Medium for this drawing uses Prisma

    colors, color pencil on pastel paper.

Cliff Swallows (three)

"Cliff Swallows"
“Cliff Swallows”


The is mixed media drawing, watercolor and Prisma colors.  These three were in my care until they were able to be released.
I have posted a tribute to a Cliff Swallow under the category “Tribute to Swallows”.

Cliff Swallows (poster)

"Swallows Three
“Swallows Three

Mixed media drawing, watercolor and Prisma colors.  This image is a portion of  a larger drawing from a Swallows’ Day Poster celebrating the return of the Swallows to San Juan Capistrano.  It was used on the cover of  the program for one of the largest non-motorized parades, the Swallows’ Day Parade in San Juan Capistrano.  Monique F. Rea Copyright 2010