Hummingbird Jewels Collage

 Another wonderful collage workshop with Dale.  This piece includes my own artwork printed on paper towels and paper napkins then a gel medium is applied.  Using paint, gold leaf, and copper leaf for additional layers.  I have also added additional painting strokes to the two hummingbirds on the right side of the image.  Something interesting came to mind once I completed this piece not intentionally.  It reminded me of the Navaho legend, how the hummingbird lost it’s song.  The symbolic images of this piece reflect that legend.  I share this legend in my hummingbird talks.  It is a charming legend and worth reading. The hummingbird loses it’s song but becomes the “jewel of nature,” that we see today.  These pieces are a series of hummingbird collages that I have called “Hummingbird Jewels.”
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