Hummingbirds (encaustic)

"Hummers Delight"
“Hummers Delight”

Monique F. Rea Copyright 2010

The medium used in this painting was Encaustic on panel.

The word originates from the Greek word, “enkaien”  translation “burn into”.  A pigmented wax manipulated with heat and brushes.  The use of encaustics dates back  3000 years ago when the Egyptians are known to have used it.  They painted on wood.  The Getty Villa is where I saw exhibited an Egyptian encaustic painting.  I recommend checking out the Getty Villa’s website.  Under “encaustic portraits” category you will see some of the Eygptian encaustic artwork.  Incredibly beautiful with great details.  I also recommend checking  out more details regarding the encaustic medium.

This is in a Private Collection

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