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"Swifts Totem"

"Swifts Totem"

Pastel drawing on paper.  These two White Throat Swifts were rescued and cared for until ready to be released.  These birds feed very specifically only catching their food, bugs, in flight.  They do not perch on branches but cling to a surface with short legged talon like feet.  Hummingbirds and Swift are related in terms of their leg and foot anatomy.  Hummingbirds can perch but they do not walk on their feet and Swifts do not walk on their feet. When rehabilitating a Swift before release into the wild the only way to feed them is hand feeding.  They will not take food from a dish like a Swallow will.

Other Birds (White Throated Swifts)

"Swift Totem"
“Swift Totem”


This is a pastel drawing from live subjects.  These subjects, White Throated Swifts, were rescued and rehabed until their release.  These birds are not able to perch.  They have short legs with talon like claws, face resembles a hawk and their beak is slightly curved .  They must have a surface to cling to. Swifts are one of the most beautiful birds in nature.  Markings are beautiful browns and cream.  They make a funny clicking chatter.  Their wings are more crescent shaped than a Swallow’s.   They feed specifically by catching their food, bugs, in flight.  So when in rehab the caretaker needs to physically hand feed them even once they are old enough to feed themselves.  Until they are ready to be released,  they depend on being  hand fed tasty worm morsels every two hours throughout the day until the time of their release.

Monique F. Rea artwork and text Copyright 2010