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January 15th, Videos

Enjoy all of these videos.  There is one that you might get a little dizzy watching but be patient because their is a surprise awaiting you.                                , , , , , , , ,

There are a total of 10 new videos to view on YouTube, this website and  Phoebe’ Facebook and Colibri Bijou’s Facebook

 These are on YouTube, “Chuparosamfart”  (see tap at upper left side of home page) and will be posted on Phoebe’s Facebook


RARE 4 Hummingbird eggs in Nest

This is a very rare and unusual view of 4 eggs all in one hummingbird’s nest located in Southern California.  It  is rare to find three eggs in a nest when usually there are only two. The fourth egg arrived on April 1st, 2012.It is not known yet, if all four are fertile.  New postings will follow as incubation progresses.Humminbirds are known to have, again not average, two separate nests each occupied with babies.  Each nest with eggs hatching a week or so apart  from each other.  The female will feed all four babies. I have posted a slide show on YouTube,Four Hummingbird Eggs in Nest”

Papier Mache Book Characters

These are Papier Mache characters that I reproduced from my children’s storybook, “Toulouse the Moose® and the Mystery Guests.” The Ostrich’s name is “Cassis” and the kitty’s name is “Menou” and of course the special moose’s name is, Toulouse the Moose®. The second Toulouse the Moose® children’s storybook will be available later this year. You can visit my other website, to order a copy of my first book, “The Original story of Toulouse the Moose® and His Friends.” The Toulouse the Moose® Papier Mache is actually a rod marionette.  The head is Papier Mache and the body interior I constructed from wood.  I sewed and designed the clothing, shoes and soft portions of the body.  The marionette mechanism, the strings, wire and wood I assembled.  I learned about these techniques in a wonderful class at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA under the superb tutelage and instruction of Diane Lewis. I highly recommend taking her courses. You would find her classes listed in the Theatre Arts section of the college’s class schedule.


Cat Art


    Cat portrait is a pastel drawing on paper.  The cat subject’s name

    was “Spanky” a resident of a local business, in San Juan Capistrano, CA