Hummingbird Tips


If you are having
difficulty with bees visiting the
hummingbird feeder here’s one suggestion,

Make the sugar solution 1 part white sugar to five parts
purified water simmered/cooled in other words 1-5 ratio instead of the
usual  1 part white sugar to 4 parts
purified water simmered.  Bees won’t be
attracted but the hummingbirds will still drink it.

Remember this is not their food source.  The flowers and bugs around your yard provide
that.  This is a little extra treat.

Also remember not to use pesticides in your
yard.  Only use non toxic solutions for
some  bug control.  Otherwise you can have a balanced yard, if you
let the birds, lizards and nature do what they know best.

How Hummingbirds Drink

Watch incredible footage of how a hummingbird drinks and gathers the sugar water and

how they must gather the nectar from a flower.

Unbelievably wonderful photography that helps see how they do drink.


Banded Hummingbirds

If you find a “banded” hummingbird report with the banding
number to: 1-800-327-BAND


See hummingbirds nesting and raising their babies live on the links below.

1.           2.


These are three live cams streaming one from Irvine, one from Aliso Viejo and one from La Verne, CA.

RARE 4 Hummingbird eggs in Nest

This is a very rare and unusual view of 4 eggs all in one hummingbird’s nest located in Southern California.  It  is rare to find three eggs in a nest when usually there are only two. The fourth egg arrived on April 1st, 2012.It is not known yet, if all four are fertile.  New postings will follow as incubation progresses.Humminbirds are known to have, again not average, two separate nests each occupied with babies.  Each nest with eggs hatching a week or so apart  from each other.  The female will feed all four babies. I have posted a slide show on YouTube,Four Hummingbird Eggs in Nest”