New Arrivals

“Graduation Day”

May 10th Lola and Crystal are released to soar as high and as far as they choose.

Graduation Pomp and Circumstance



Orphans Lola & Crystal

April 17th Lola and Crystal, from Phoebe’s site

Rain Storm Nestling

March 10th, Tuesday,  this little Allen’s rescue survived the rain storm of two weekends ago but lost its mama.

Received same day released the twin hummers. Rain Storm Allen’s Hummingbird growing up and sharing space with two other orphan Allen’s hummingbirds.

Rain Storm Nestling

March 8th, 2014  rescued from last weekend’s rain storm.  This is an Allen’s Hummingbird approximately 13 days old. His nest was soaking wet and he was extremely cold when first found.  Mother had not returned after several hours.  Very fortunate he has made this far.


Rain Storm Hatchling

March 2nd, 2014 Rescued from a Laguna Niguel home an Allen’s (?) hummingbird hatchling whose sibling had already died after falling out of a rain soaked nest and no mother found. Eyes opened this morning 3/3/14 and color looks great and is eagerly asking to be fed.  Not out of danger yet.