Rod Puppets

The two rod puppets were created in Diane Lewis’ puppet class for the Theatre Arts Department of  Saddleback College.  There was a historical theme behind the assignment.  We were to choose two theatre actors  from the stage of the 1850’s who portrayed different persons of another century.  What these rod puppets represent are the actors Charles and Mrs. Kean who portrayed King Richard II and his Queen.  What was interesting when I replicated the costume chosen by the actress, Mrs. Kean, was the style.  During Mrs. Kean’s era, 1857, the dress of the her time was hoop skirts and not the middle ages style of the  14th century during  the rein of King Richard II.  In their stage production the Kean’s identified with the fashion of their contemporary period, 1857. More evident in Mrs. Kean’s costume.


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