Copper Horse

This technique is called Repousse (should be an accent grave over the last “e”). A French word literally meaning, “to push back.”  This is a method of pushing, hammering from the back side of the copper metal sheet creating a relief of my design.  The copper has been annealed or softened and made malleable in order to be able to hammer my design, impressions and is supported by a bowl of pitch.  After many hammerings with special small metal tools (some that I made) the molecular structure of the copper begins to harden and annealing is needed to soften the copper again by applying heat.  It’s a long process and the more intricate the design more time invested.  The reverse of repousse is  called “chasing”  it’s the same process but working from the front side which I also applied to this piece.  It gave me a great deal of appreciation for the work I have seen in museums. This was my first attempt at it.  Everything you see has been hand crafted. I stamped the leather design, I soldered the copper pegs holding the piece inside the shadow box as well as the copper balls on each corner of the copper piece.  I look forward to doing more.  If you are interested in taking Katharina Stute’s class, you may call her at 949-364-6905.

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