Three Cats

"Three Cats"
“Three Cats”

Linoleum block print of three cats.  Inspired by a friend.

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  • CatLover6677:

    this is neat! were doing linoleum block printing in art. do you mind if I use this?

  • Before I can give permission do please let me know how you intend to use my design? It’s best to be inspired by another artist and use your own creativity.
    Thank you for contacting me. Do let me know what your intentions are before I can give you permission. You can order a note card from me of this design too.

  • CatLover6677:

    We are doing blockprinting and our art teacher wants us to find a design thats simple because its our first one. Im in grade 9, and Im an absolute cat lover, so I wanted to do one wih cats. I was going to carve in the cats as they are, just put a little more detailing with the fur and the japanese symbol for cat with it. I dont want to do it without your permission, though, because this is your original piece.

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