Welcome to my website.  Most of the artwork is inspired by my appreciation of nature in its natural state and all of the animals that share a special place with us in the wild and at home.  I see shapes, colors and composition in nature that inspire my artwork that sometimes combines the whimsical, surreal and magical as well as the natural.

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  • laseiler:

    I love your art work. How can I find out about commissioning a piece? Thank you, Laura and Spencer

  • dbrit77:

    Monique your talent amazes me to this day, keep it up.

  • Love your sketch book of birds!!!!!

  • diane lewis:

    Lovely work! ( Sometimes I have time to look at the hummingbirds in my yard- you have captured their spirit!)

  • The twins will most likely not stay together. They are already keeping pretty separate. That’s their natural behavior. They will be released in Phoebe’s yard. It’s also natural for hummers to chase each other off. Very territorial. The twins are ready to meet the challenge.

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